August 2019: Sports Competitions

This year KPSA (Kenya Private School Association) organized sports competitions once again.

The first round took place at the Nice View sports ground (see also, where the girls' football team qualified for the next round in Mombasa. There the girls were successful again and allowed to represent the coast on national level together with another school. In Thika they made it to the final, but unfortunately lost 0-1. more

April 2019: Nice View Reporter

A group of employees of FLMH (a communications and advertising agency based in Berlin) traveled for their project ‘Nice View Reporter’ to Msambweni a few weeks back. The participating students should be taught basic skills in photography, image selection and image editing. It was also discussed what it really means to be a reporter, how to gather information for reports and publish them on the internet. more

January 2019: Graduation Ceremony Nice View Gratitude Academy

Already on 03 November, the farewell of class 8 of the Nice View Gratitude Academy took place, and the reception class was dismissed from kindergarten.

All classes contributed to the celebrations with poems, dances or songs.

Lots of parents were present and an employee of the education office made once again clear how important eduation is.

As common in Kenya, cake and later soda and pilau (rice dish) were served.

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. more

November 2018: Results of the MOCK Exams of Class 7 and 8 of the Nice View Gratitude Academy

Like every year, MOCK exams are conducted in advance of the final exams at the end of the year (in Kenya the school year ends at the year-end). This allows the pupils, teachers and school to figure out where they are.

The results of the schools are compared and we are glad that we can report that class 7 as well as class 8 of the Nice View Gratitude Academy obtained the best results in the Msamwbeni zone.

We congratulate and wish especially class 8, who will leave the Nice View Gratitude Academy thereafter, lots of success for the final exams!

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. more

October 2018: Trip to Mamba Village

The trip for the preprimary and grades school on 6th July 2018 arrived and pupils came to school early that day. They boarded the bus and proceeded for Mamba Village in Nyali, Mombasa. The excitement on their faces could be read from a far.

They arrived their destination and everything was set to go. They were taken around the Mamba Village, studying different Crocodiles in their various habitations. The tour guide explained each and every detail about the site and how it came to be called Mamba Village. She explained to her visitors that the Mamba name is a Swahili name for Crocodile. more

October 20188: Upper primary trip to Kilifi

On 20th July 2018 the school visited the Pwani University farm, the Kilifi sisal Plantations and Dairy farm, and the Mtwapa weather station in Kilifi County.
In the Pwani University the students were able to interact with university’s environment, in the farm they learnt a lot about dairy keeping, chicken rearing, pig rearing and crop farming. They got to know the different breed of dairy cows good for milk production like the Jersey and Friesian breeds.

The farm had a broad production of chicken products like eggs and meat for layers and broilers consecutively. more

April 2018: Ball Competitions

On March 10th the Nice View Gratitude Academy hosted the ball competitions for Msambweni on the Nice View sports ground.

Our students were again very successful in football and both the girls and the boys were able to win both games and qualify for the next round (sub-country level.

Unfortunately, things didn't go so well in volleyball and basketball. Only the girls could win one of the two games and still qualify for the next round. more

Impressions Nice View Gratitude Academy 2017

Pictures are worth a thousand words...

January 2018: Final Examination Results of Class 8

Although our pupils had done very well in the mock exams, they only managed to achieve a score of 304.63 points and a C-level in the end. However, the average in Kwale county was not more than 251 points.

One pupil reached a top score of 397 (A-). And the poorest result was 248 points (D+).

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß more


On the date 8th July 2017, our school participated in the KPSA athletic games. We hosted the sub-county level games where several zones joined in for the competition at Msambweni. The participating zones were Msambweni zone and Diani zone.

Our zone; Msambweni Emerged the winner of the competition. We took home the cup. Our athletics participated with energy and shined in the most of the races and field events. The winners were awarded certificates of participation and merit; it was all a great day for them. Our school garnered the most points for our zone. more

December 2017: School Graduation Ceremonies and Farewell from Class 8 and Kindergarten

More than 300 people watched the celebration that took place in November. Given the number of guests, the ceremony that was attended by officials from Msambweni and Kwale county, for example the education officer, was held on the sports ground. The banda would have been too small and since it was a rainy day, two big tents had been pitched up. more

October 2017: MOCK Exam Class 8

Our pupils sat in September for a Mock exam and the results were quite good.

We are proud that we can report that the Nice View School reached an average of 322.15 marks. With this the Nice View Gratitude Academy was the 2nd best out of 24 schools in Kwale County (average 239.88).

We congratulate and are already curious how our graduating class will finally perform.

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. more

October 2017: Guidance and Counseling Sessions

Every Tuesday afternoon pupils and teachers meet for Guidance and Counseling Sessions.

Topics covered:

• Manners and morale in school but also outside
• Education and its importance for the future
• Discipline
• Health and hygiene
• HIV/Aids
• Puberty
• Respect in school but also in general

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. more


The long awaited trip to Mombasa Port by Upper primary classes came. By 7;30 am they were all assembled at the school compound with their questionnaires in hand. The journey started at 8am in the morning on Thursday 13th July 2017.

The journey was smooth and safe, we arrived at the Ports main gate few minutes before 11 am. We signed our gate pass with the security at the reception office. They welcomed us warmly. We drove again through the busy port to the KPA Offices, a distance of about 15 minutes from the main gate. more

August 2017: Lower and Kindergartens Trip to Haller Park

The day started well, our pupils were earlier to school than usual; you could read the excitement on their faces. It was actually a day than any other day. The news that they will be travelling was itself the source of their happiness. It was early morning but they didn’t care, they just had to shout loud, ‘’Haller park’’. The day was 7th July 2017. more

July 2017: Teacher Training

During the school holidays in April, the teachers of Nice View Gratitude Academy attended a one-week training to which a number of external speakers had also been invited. One of the topics was team building/team development with the aim of creating a positive work environment and ensuring a trust-based cooperation.

Details in the report attached.

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. more

July 2017: End of Term Two Exams

The school is finally sitting for end term II exams. The term was long but a series of events made it short. The school started the exam yesterday 19th July which will end tomorrow 21st July, 2017.

Our pupils are showing the best discipline as the exams are progressing.

We wish them all the best.


(From Misheck) more

June 2017: Repair School Toilets

Due to the tropical climate, our team in Kenya has actually a lot of renovation work and the school toilets had to be replaced urgently because of the intensive use. On this occasion, other much-needed floor toilets were built amongst others from parts of the old toilets (bowl and tank).

A few pictures...

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. more

April 2017: End of Term One Report

The first term is over; it was noticeably an eventful term with lots of endeavors in our school. Several events like sporting activities, academic activities and others happened simultaneously well. more

April 2017: Table Manners

On 1st of March a Table Manners Workshop took place.

Participants were the teachers of the Nice View Gratitude Academy as well as some of the mamas, which are responsible for the children of the Nice View Children’s Village.

It is important for us that the Nice View children as well as the children from outside are familiar with the basic rules.

Since they take the meals together with the teachers and the mamas, it is self-evident that the latter need to master them as well. more

March 2017: Trip to the Airstrip in Ukunda

Some pictures from last year's trip...

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. more

February 2017: Trip to the Carpentry

Already last year class 3 visited the Nice View Carpentry.

Some pictures…

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. more

Februar 2017: Graduation Ceremony Reception Class

Some pictures from the ceremony November last year... more

January 2017: KCPE Results

We are glad that the Nice View Gratitude Academy could improve again compared to the past year. The Nice View Gratitude Academy achieved an average of 318 marks (corresponds to a B-) while the average in our county (Kwale) was just 218 marks and the average in the best performing county 271 marks. The best candidate, a shining talent, scored 406 marks.


Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. more

Impressions Nice View Gratitude Academy 2016

Pictures are worth a thousand words...

December 2016: Football Tournament

Already on Sept. 7th and 8th both the boys´ and the girls´ teams of the Nice View School in Kwale took part in a tournament organised by Adidas and MTG (Moving the Goal).

8 boys´and girls´ teams took part in the competitions. Both Nice View Teams reached the finals and took the cup home.

The next day the cups were exhibited at school and handed over to the winners. Everybody was proud of the two successful teams and they were frenetically acclaimed.

Also we are very proud and congratulate the winning teams.

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. more

September 2016: Athletics Competition

On the 11th of June 2016, the Nice View Gratitude Academy had the honour and pleasure of organising a track and field event, the so-called Zonal Athletics Competition. The Nice View school was first in the boys' 4x400-metre relay whereas the girls won the triple jump, shot put, discus throw, and long jump.

17 of our students had qualified for the Sub-County Competition and again won the boys' 4x400-metre relay as well as the girls' triple jump, shot put, and discus throw. 7 of them were even admitted to the County Competition. Our warmest congratulations! more

August 2016: Exam at the End of the Second Term

The exam lasted also this time 3 days.

Some pictures... more

August 2016: Music Festivals

Also this year the Nice View Gratitude Academy successfully participated in the music festivals. For the results please refer to the attachment.

Congratulations! more

Impressions Nice View Gratitude Acacemy 2015

Pictures are worth a thousand words...

November 2015: Kenya Certificate of Primary Education

Also this year a day of prayer was preceding the final examination of class 8 and parents and friends were invited on November 8th.

Thereafter class 8 was from Monday to Thursday in public hands and everything was tightly controlled. Only the 8-th grader, the headmaster, the day askari (guard) and the overseers of the Education Office were permitted to be on the site during the examination. However, the kitchen staff was allowed to be at work.

The Nice View kids and co-workers spent these days on the sports ground (playing, doing sports and working in the garden). more

May 2015: Renovation of the Class Rooms

During school holidays the class rooms were newly painted. This was necessary, since the walls were already since a while not really white anymore due to the red dust and uncountable hand prints. First the old wall paint had to be removed. A dusty case and the Nice View children, who were helping diligently, but also the furniture and the camera were dusty within a short time. It would have been better to remove the furniture beforehand, but you learn from mistakes.

Some pictures, also from the first recently painted class rooms. more

May 2015: Football Competition

On 27 March all schools in Mwambweni competed against each other.

The boys’ team was knocked out in the 2nd round, but the girls’ team qualified for the next level and drove the next day to Diani, where the winners of the respective communities competed against each other.

In the first match Leah scored 2 goals and the Nice View Gratitude Academy won with 2:1. more

March 2015: County Sports

After just participating in Public Athletics a few weeks, we again took part in Private Schools Athletics Competitions.

Basing in our private sector through the Kenya private school association, zonal competition kicked off on 13th June at Msambweni ground. Four schools (Niceview, Msingi Bora, Foot Prints and Matunda Bora) participated forming a team which proceeded to the Sub-County (Msambweni Sub County) on 20th June 2013 at Mekaela Academies Ground. more

Impressions Nice View Gratitude Academy 2014

Pictures are worth a thousand words...

January 2015: KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) Results

Also this year we are pleased with the performance of our class 8, although the class mean score was with 335 marks (B) somewhat lower than the year before. In addition, we were successful in collecting donations for the kids from slum Bangladesh and the school attendance is for the moment assured.


Your Projekt Schwarz-Weiß Team

The individual results of the children of the children’s village and of the Bangladesh kids: more

December 2014: Season’s Greetings

Dear sponsors and friends,

This year more children from the village and the surroundings could be admitted into the Nice View Gratitude Academy thanks to additional school sponsorships. And the help could even be expanded to the biggest slum in Mombasa. All details you can find here: under the tab News.

Also this year we expect a good final examination result of class 8. We will keep you informed. more

December 2014: Music Festivals 2014

As it has been the case in the previous years, our music team was privileged to take part in this year’s competitions as follows.

We had a total of six classes.

915H – Western instrument (recorders)
802H – Singing game (African style)
811H – African folk dance from Kenya
801H – Singing game (western style)
801G – Singing game (western style)
271H – African folk song from Kenya

All categories with the code H are for Primary schools while the categories with the code G represent the Kindergarten school. more

October 2014: Hand Prints

We, the playgroup, make hand prints and have a lot of fun!

However, the Makuti (bunches weaved leaves from a coconut plant) roof of our kindergarten needs to be repaired urgently. Dear sponsors, please don’t let us play in the wet!



The 2nd term is an athletics term according to the Kenyan curriculum and all primary schools are obliged to participate in these activities. Nice View Gratitude Academy (NVGA) took part in these competitions and our athletes dominated in all the races enabling our school to emerge the best overall at divisional level. Joseph became the athlete of the day. His endurance and speed left all spectators in disbelieve if such a small boy could run so fast as he did. This is quite awesome of our kids! more

Ball Games 2014

According to the Ministry of Education plan, first term is usually for the ball games. Nice View Gratitude Academy (NVGA) took part in this year’s ball games.These games are not for the winning teams but to select the best players that proceed to the next level.

The order from the lowest level: Cluster; Zone; Division; District; County; Region; Nation. Our players participated in all games except handball.

Although all were exemplary in their games, most of them were eliminated at the divisional level. more


According to the examination requirement for 8th Grade, Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), there must be at least 16 pupils for us to have an examination centre or for the pupils to sit for the examination within our school premises. The Ministry of Education through the District Education Office has advised us to register at least 20 pupils for us to be recognised and ranked nationally in case we post a good performance. We really need this number for our school to appear on the dailies- which will be another marketing point for us! more


For years, music has been one of the key extra-mural activities the school has participated in. Children get involved in both folk (African traditional) music and Western instruments. more


We are glad that NICEVIEW GRATITUDE ACADEMY emerged among the best schools in 2013 KCPE in Msambweni District and Kwale County. The school got a class mean score of 348.31 marks (B) with the best pupil Teresa Bochaberi scoring 415 marks out of a total of 500. 13 out of 16 candidates scored 350 marks and above. This was not only a good performance to the pupils but the entire Nice View received results with jubilation. more

Season's Greetings

We the students and teachers of the Nice View Gratitude Academy wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year.

We also would like to take the opportunity to thank all sponsors, parents and especially our umbrella organization Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. ( in Germany for all the support in the past year.


Class 6 - Trip to Mombasa

The destination of the outing was Wild Waters Amusement Park. A park with water slides and other attractions like bumper cars.

The students would like to thank class 7B of the Nikolaus von Weis Gymnasium in Speyer Germany who made this trip possible.

The donation campaign was initiated by Tim Eggert, a mostly welcomed guest in our school, and the children are already looking forward meeting him again. They have a lot to tell!

Best regards from class 6! more

KCPE - now it counts!!!

For the Nice View Gratitude Academy a milestone is reached, says Mr. Boniface Siro our headmaster. On 11 November 2013 the whole school campus will be evacuated so that the officials of the supervisory school authority can prepare the first exams that are executed at our school. Everybody is quite excited, especially our 15 eight-graders who pass their Kenyan Certificate Primary Education examination from Tuesday to Thursday - amongst them the three Nice View candidates Lavenda, David and Kahindi. more


Nice View Gratitude Academy believes that “everything starts with education; we shall therefore endeavor to impart the required knowledge, skills and attitudes to all children. We too believe that each child’s future depends with on the present is handled.

In view of this, we decided that the mission of providing quality education does not only capture Msambweni and its environs but other vulnerable environments. We therefore extended sourcing for the needy children to the biggest slum in Mombasa- BANGLADESH SLUM: more

Nice View Gratitude Academy wins the Kenya Private Schools Association Football Tournament

The first match was against Matunda Bora Academy. We scored 6 goals (Joshua 4 goals, Joseph 2 goals) and won the match 6:1.

The second match was against K.A.G., and we won it with 1:0. The goal scorer was again Joshua.

The third match was against TIWI. After the normal time the score was 0:0, and we won it on penalties thanks to Aseef, David, Pascal and Joseph.

The final was against WORD OF LIFE, which we won with 2:1.Joseph scored the first and Joshua the second goal. more

School Sports Day – Athletics Championship

The girls and boys of form 5 to 8 competed with 3 other Msambweni private schools. It was worth the efforts since the Nice View Gratitude Academy has won the championship. Well done! more

School Uniform

In Kenya school uniforms are a requirement. Therefore, we have developed a model. Pictures of two of our kindergartners please find below. Step by step the uniforms will now be manufactured an all classes clothed. more

Class exceeding quiz

Since begin of the 1st term it is quiz time Tuesday afternoon. At first the winner team of each form was determined which then competed with the teams of the other forms. Short before school holidays was the grand finale. All assembled in the lounge and pursued eager the finals. The team of form 1 competed with the team of form 5, and it was about answering questions from different disciplines taught. Form 1 answered 100% of the questions correctly and won the contest. Form 5 answered 80% of the questions correctly and took the 2nd place. more



We the management of Nice View Gratitude Academy decided to change the school curriculum from the British adopted curriculum (I.G.C.S.E) to Kenyan curriculum.

The decision was reached upon holding a number of consultative meetings and discussing about the entire future life of a common child of Msambweni community. The discussions were also based on the vision of the entire Nice View Project (Projekt Schwarz Weiss).

The reasons found to be worth changing the Education System includes:




The school lacked something important. Their dream has finally come true, they now play music Guitar lesson and recorder are now in the time table. Some talents will soon be captured from the pupils.

Though it seem hard to some students “playing guitar is fun but it worth some time when pushing the strings” one of the guitar student gave out his view. Mr. David the recorder teacher is having fantastic time teaching his students’ recorder “The students are really doing well and enjoys the lesson which tells me that they will be the best recorder playing.”

By Aisha (student Year 8) more

GAMES 2012

The final day came for the district games zone. The students at Gratitude School could not wait for the day, they practiced hard for it. Many students from different schools met including Karama, Msingi Bora, Matunda Bora etc. more


Students at Gratitude international school are glad to have swimming lesson. The pupils had a try at the swimming pool though some could not swim; they had help from swimming teachers. Mrs. Catherina and Ms Claudia who graduated from swimming school and they are happy to teach, “I am happy am going to know how to swim, before I could not able to swim,” said Rehema a student at gratitude academy. The door of swimming competition will soon open. Mrs. more

Cooking Lesson Year 7 2012

The cooking lesson was combined with a trip to the Nice View Farm, and the students have learned how to make bread on a stick above open fire. more

Visit the Nice-View-Gratitude-Academy in Msambweni

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to our school, we are pleased that you are interested in finding out more about Nice View Gratitude Academy. We are committed to developing all the students who join our school to their full potential. more
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