Admission into Foundation Stage or Early Years:

In line with the needs and the requirements of the curriculum and the Local Education policy, we admit children into their early years after their third birthday (3 yrs). For that purpose, terms end 30th April, 31st August & 31st December. We aim at taking up to 20 nursery- aged children, who usually start in the Playgroup (morning sessions only). After they have been tested in this class and found to be capable of performing the activities related to it, they later become part of the Reception class.

Admissions into Main School:

Children start full time the term in which they are six years. For this purpose terms start on the 1st January, 1st May & 1st September,.  At the moment, we usually admit children to various Grades after they have been tested and found fit for that particular grade. This is not our favorite option and we do this only if absolutely necessary.

Click below for an admission form. Admission forms are also available at the school office.

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