April 2017: Table Manners

On 1st of March a Table Manners Workshop took place.

Participants were the teachers of the Nice View Gratitude Academy as well as some of the mamas, which are responsible for the children of the Nice View Children’s Village.

It is important for us that the Nice View children as well as the children from outside are familiar with the basic rules.

Since they take the meals together with the teachers and the mamas, it is self-evident that the latter need to master them as well.

First of all the food was prepared together with support of the kitchen personnel and all had lots of fun.

The menu of the day:

Spaghetti and rice with tomato sauce and as dessert water melon.

Once all dishes were ready, the basic rules were explained at the table. For some it was not that easy to eat the spaghetti, but this had no negative impact on the good mood.

Your team of Schwarz-Weiß e.V.