August 2017: Lower and Kindergartens Trip to Haller Park

The day started well, our pupils were earlier to school than usual; you could read the excitement on their faces. It was actually a day than any other day. The news that they will be travelling was itself the source of their happiness. It was early morning but they didn’t care, they just had to shout loud, ‘’Haller park’’. The day was 7th July 2017.

All The preparations were in order, by 7;30am all teachers ,the pupils, and our drivers were all ready for the very awaited departure. They assembled at the school compound waiting for the go ahead. The head teacher gave the signal and we started our journey at exactly 8;10 am onboard two buses.
The journey to Bamburi was smooth, besides the traffic we encountered at some point; it took us at least three hours. Our pupils enjoyed the ride on the way, the scenery along the road was beautiful, you could see them peeping through the windows. They could notice anything out there.
Children’s’ songs caught the attention of the pedestrians and by standers outside, our pupils sung all kinds of songs taught by their teachers, it was indeed their day. They even composed their own song which became a hit all the way, it was like ‘’tunaenda Haller park’’, simple, but the rhythm was so thrilling. They all authored it.

On arrival at Haller park main gate, they needed no one to tell them that this is it, they know how to read. The excitement burned in them, they just wanted to get in and experience the natures. We reached the parking ground and took our snacks to prepare for the walk in the park. It was already two hours to noon.

At the parking lot, the pupils were able to see several tortoises feeding around. Several monkeys were niggling them, trying to snatching their snacks even from the mouth, but they were scared away atop trees by noise and shouts.
On the other end it was feeding time for giraffes, long necked they are we could view them from afar. Our pupils had to take pictures in memory of the same. From there we entered in the park where the other animals were, our tour guide took us each and every point, from crocodiles to hippos, from buffalos to impalas, from fish dams to snake cages up to tortoise field. The artificial forest was itself calm and beautiful.

Our tour inside the park ended well at past 1pm, we felt exhausted but the experience was really a relish. We reported back to our buses for our lunch, a plate of pilau and a bottle of soda. The meal was so delicious, we ate to our fill.
Besides the nature experience, our pupils interacted well with other pupils from other schools that had visited the park. It was a mixture of joy and sadness when the time for departure came, pupils could not believe them leaving those monkeys staring at them, they indeed will miss them. All in all they had to bid them good bye.
We left the site for home at a few minutes to 3 p.m. On our way back the stories were about what they saw, and how they each experienced the walk. We arrived our destination half past 5 pm; each one went home a motivated pupil.
We acknowledge for any challenges faced
It is indeed the most memorable day.

We say thank you for letting it happen.

Composed by,

Misheck M.M