Ball Games 2014

According to the Ministry of Education plan, first term is usually for the ball games. Nice View Gratitude Academy (NVGA) took part in this year’s ball games.These games are not for the winning teams but to select the best players that proceed to the next level.

The order from the lowest level: Cluster; Zone; Division; District; County; Region; Nation. Our players participated in all games except handball.

Although all were exemplary in their games, most of them were eliminated at the divisional level.

The following players represented the school at the district level in various games:

FOOTBALL GIRLS: Leah Mesaid (Nice View Children's Home), Mwanasha Mshenga, Nelis Siema

NETBALL GIRLS: Mwanasha Baraza, Anna Kaleche (Nice View Children's Home)

NETBALL BOYS: Victor Onyango (slum Bangladesh)

VOLLEYBALL GIRLS: Anna Kaleche (Nice View Children's Home), Phelicia Jumwa

At the regional competition, Leah scored a solitary goal that enabled her team to qualify for the finals between Kwale County and Kilifi County. It is through these competitions that the Coca Cola Company approached the school to recruit her in their under 18 team.

What a spectacular girl! Leah is such a wonderful talent in sporting activities. Her talent needs to be fully nurtured. During the ball games, she played both defending midfielder and striking midfielder. “I have never seen a girl like this one. She never gets tired whenever she is in the field and always saves her team at all times”. Her coach at both the county and regional level said. “She has to play all the matches without substitution unless an emergency arises” he added when the headmaster of the NVGA talked to him.

Wishing her and all players success as they exploit their talents.


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