December 2014: Music Festivals 2014

As it has been the case in the previous years, our music team was privileged to take part in this year’s competitions as follows.

We had a total of six classes.

915H – Western instrument (recorders)
802H – Singing game (African style)
811H – African folk dance from Kenya
801H – Singing game (western style)
801G – Singing game (western style)
271H – African folk song from Kenya

All categories with the code H are for Primary schools while the categories with the code G represent the Kindergarten school.

A total of eighty three pupils took part in the above classes from the Preliminaries (Sub county/ District) to the Regional Music Competitions which were held in Malindi.

The above classes with an exemption of class 915H started from the preliminary- sub county to the Regional level. (These were held at the following venues:

Sub County level - Kinondo Secondary School
County level - Diani Babla Secondary School
Regional level - Malindi

Although the competitions were as tough as any other previous years, all our teams made it to the regional level. Four of our teams were eliminated at the regional level while one made it through to the National competitions.

Class 802H proceeded from the regionals to the national competitions together with class 915H which is usually a direct entry. The National Music Festivals were in Mombasa region from 3rd to 17th August but our teams participated on 4th August 2014 at Agakhan Academy.
Unfortunately, our teams lost but both scored above 80%.

We do hope as sports persons, one lose doesn’t discourage us, we therefore have to forge forward for better results next year (2015).

Finally the music crew would like to appreciate all who heartedly contributed to the success of the above activities.

Miss Bernadette Nekesa
Music Department

801H County Level 915H National Level 217B Regional Level 217B Regional Level 217B Regional Level 217B Regional Level Regional Level Regional Level Regional Level Regional Level Regional Level Regional Level Regional Level