December 2017: School Graduation Ceremonies and Farewell from Class 8 and Kindergarten

More than 300 people watched the celebration that took place in November. Given the number of guests, the ceremony that was attended by officials from Msambweni and Kwale county, for example the education officer, was held on the sports ground. The banda would have been too small and since it was a rainy day, two big tents had been pitched up.

Among the school graduates were 5 children from the Nice View children's village: Sarah, Mary, Regina, Juma and Mickey. As of January 2019 they will move on to secondary schools or start a vocational training. One of the children who change from kindergarten to school is Timo.

All school classes contributed to the celebration with dances, songs and poems. The three best pupils of each class received a little gift. After that, all participants were served a lunch as well as cake and soda.

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raining... speech of the headmaster class 8 (the academic gowns were produced in the Nice View  Tailoring) reception class cake buffet in the middle Regina Timo with Mama Olesia presents are handed over (left Daniel) performance performance