Since inception of the Nice View Children’s Village (for details please refer to www.kenia-hilfe.com), one of our most pressing objectives was to operate a school that offers an education of the highest standards for both local children and Nice View children alike.

Although corporal punishment was abolished, this is still practiced in some schools. Children are spanked, forced to kneel with their hands up for a long time alongside other forms of punishment. The conditions in most of the schools is warranting i.e. the extraordinary average class sizes (more than 60 pupils per class); insufficient knowledge by the teachers to handle such populations, lack of enough facility and inadequate learning resources have led to poor performances in examinations. Subjects like music, arts & craft, art & design are no longer taught in most schools. Due to lack of sufficient facility, children have limited access to sporting activities.

Most schools operate from 08:00 to 18:00 o'clock during the week and from 8:00 - 12:00 o'clock on Saturdays. Thereafter they have a long way home and regularly they have to do homework until very late at night and without pause on weekends.

How can a child be still a child?

  • Every child has a gift and talent, he/ she only need education to exploit them.

  • A child needs an ideal environment for both learning and play.

  • Every child should be treated as an individual hence imparting appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes that help him/her face life challenges confidently.

With all the above, we could not do much change to the situations, but we therefore laid a foundation stone for our own school towards the end of 2007.

April 2008: the beginning in the girl's house April 2008: the beginning in the girl's house Later in 2008: the first school building is ready 2010: construction of the 2nd school building 2010: construction of the 2nd school building 2010: inauguration of the 2nd school building 2011: school building 1 and 2 with office, sanitary building and lounge 2009: sanitary building 2009: kitchen 2009: school office 2009: playground 2009: lounge 2011: sports facility end of 2011: construction of a 3rd school building