January 2015: KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) Results

Also this year we are pleased with the performance of our class 8, although the class mean score was with 335 marks (B) somewhat lower than the year before. In addition, we were successful in collecting donations for the kids from slum Bangladesh and the school attendance is for the moment assured.


Your Projekt Schwarz-Weiß Team

The individual results of the children of the children’s village and of the Bangladesh kids:

Children’s Village

1. Dorothy Mwazighe Shali: 369(B+)

2. Martin Muthenya Musembi: 355(B+)

3. Michael Odero: 348 (B)

4. Joseph Khalabai Musawa: 305(B-)

5. Anna Kaleche: 275 (C+)

6. Mwanajuma Juma: 247 (C)

Slum Bangladesh

1. Daniel Mswahili Mwawasi :400 (A)

2. Celestine Akoth: 384 (A-)

3. Daniel Otaya Okoth: 376 (A-)

4. Simon Kilonzo Kikuu: 374 (B+)

5. Victor Sangoro Onyango: 360 (B+)

6. Hector Juma Oduor: 351 (B+)

7. Michael Athuman Mwangome: 348 (B)

Class 8