On the date 8th July 2017, our school participated in the KPSA athletic games. We hosted the sub-county level games where several zones joined in for the competition at Msambweni. The participating zones were Msambweni zone and Diani zone.

Our zone; Msambweni Emerged the winner of the competition. We took home the cup. Our athletics participated with energy and shined in the most of the races and field events. The winners were awarded certificates of participation and merit; it was all a great day for them. Our school garnered the most points for our zone.

The best athletes were to proceed to the next county level, at Diani Word of Life Academy. Our hope was high to lift the cup also on the event.


On 22nd July our athletes’ team participated in the County Level KPSA games at Word of Life Academy. The team had prepaid adequately for the competition.

Our sub county teams which included several Academies showed much effort in the event. We managed to get the highest points and ranked as the winners of the Competition among two other sub counties.

The participants were thrilled by the announcements that they are the winners finally. The captains of all the teams from Msambweni Sub County received the Award of the event; the trophy was all they wanted! Besides the trophy, each participant who became the best in the various games was awarded Certificates of participation.

By Misheck

the successful team tribute Juma Mickey Mia Mona