KCPE - now it counts!!!

For the Nice View Gratitude Academy a milestone is reached, says Mr. Boniface Siro our headmaster. On 11 November 2013 the whole school campus will be evacuated so that the officials of the supervisory school authority can prepare the first exams that are executed at our school. Everybody is quite excited, especially our 15 eight-graders who pass their Kenyan Certificate Primary Education examination from Tuesday to Thursday - amongst them the three Nice View candidates Lavenda, David and Kahindi.

The following school subjects will be examined: mathematics, English, Kiswahili, natural sciences and social studies. The better the overall score at the end the higher the chance to be admitted by a good Secondary School. The latter on the condition that the school fee can be raised - of course the better the school all the more expensive. Next to the Primary School Certificate counts the Secondary School Certificate the weightiest with regard to the academic career of each student and hence his or her future.

Today we could not only witness but also co-create together with the other Nice View kids something special: the day of prayer for our examination candidates. Parents, guardians, teachers, school administration, pastor, iman, siblings and other relatives and of course our examinees assembled in the lounge and prayed for, congratulated and sang for the tense students. In addition the examination materials like pens, rulers etc. were blessed. Spiritual care plays a vital role in Kenya and provides for many the confidence that everything will be alright. David for example stated that he is well prepared and that since he is now assured of God’s assistance and our prayers certain that nothing will go wrong.

We wish the examinees all the best, God’s blessing, best physical and condition and ToiToiToi for the days to come. Let the examinations be a sign that the Nice View Gratitude Academy is on the way to develop further and to look ahead.

Projekt Schwarz-Weiß Team

Day of Prayer 2013 - Sequence Day of Prayer 2013 - prayer of the examinees Day of Prayer 2013 - pastor's blessing Day of Prayer 2013 Day of Prayer 2013 - Song Day of Prayer 2013 - congratulations of the headmaster Day of Prayer 2013 Day of Prayer 2013 - David with the blessed materials