Nice View Gratitude Academy believes that “everything starts with education; we shall therefore endeavor to impart the required knowledge, skills and attitudes to all children. We too believe that each child’s future depends with on the present is handled.

In view of this, we decided that the mission of providing quality education does not only capture Msambweni and its environs but other vulnerable environments. We therefore extended sourcing for the needy children to the biggest slum in Mombasa- BANGLADESH SLUM:

we have got five needy children whom were either out of school or they haven’t been consistent in school due to lack of school fees. It’s our conviction that when these children are helped, they will realize their dreams of which some could have forgotten if they won’t get education that they need.

At the moment, all these children are accommodated in Nice View Gratitude Academy at the school’s expense. They receive full support from basic needs to education. However, we appeal to all well wishers to offer their support to any of them so as they further their education and basically realize their dreams.

What next after STD 8?

Since the Kenyan Curriculum hasn’t fully catered for the children’s talents, it is mandatory for each child to complete the basic education (primary & secondary education) before opting for further education or vocational training depending on the Grade attained in Secondary school education and the parent’s/guardian’s financial status.

Now that we are approaching the end of the year, the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination is due in November. This means the sixteen (16) candidates that we have for these exams are being fully prepared by every subject teacher in readiness for the same.

What will happen to these 5 destitute children after KCPE exams? Are there any hopes for their future academic progress upon successfully completing standard eight? Can their dreams be realized?

Nice View Gratitude Academy rescued them hoping to brighten their future. Yes we have done up to where they are now but due to financial constraint, NVGA can’t afford to pay for their secondary education!

Can this be the end of their dreams? The realization of their dreams is squarely dependant on the well-wishers.

We therefore appeal to all well-wishers to help in paying the secondary school fees for these five children starting from next year.

The school fees shall be determined by the school they would have qualified for. The three categories of these schools are: National schools (Best), County schools and District schools.

The children's profiles and pictures please find below.

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Simon, Ishmael, Aaron and Wilfrida Wilfrida Aaron Ishmael Simon Moses