For years, music has been one of the key extra-mural activities the school has participated in. Children get involved in both folk (African traditional) music and Western instruments.

After being ranked 8th and 4th in 2011 and 2012 respectively in class 915H, 2013 was a year of celebration for our Recorders team. Our school music recorder team under Mr. David’s training went through all odds, stiff competition from nine well established schools which had every music instrument and emerged the best in this category. With 89% mark, it was a mixed reaction of disbelieve and joy to our team. We really congratulate this group due to their tireless effort and commitment they showed during their training. It is out of their competent presentation which for the first time Nice View Gratitude Academy emerged the winners nationally. This was a very great achievement to the entire school and hope we continue winning in the years to come. Our sincere appreciation too goes to our financial supporters. To the rest of the stakeholders, thank you very much for your moral support since the beginning of the training throughout presentation up to the winning. God bless you all.

Rehearsal Rehearsal