The 2nd term is an athletics term according to the Kenyan curriculum and all primary schools are obliged to participate in these activities. Nice View Gratitude Academy (NVGA) took part in these competitions and our athletes dominated in all the races enabling our school to emerge the best overall at divisional level. Joseph became the athlete of the day. His endurance and speed left all spectators in disbelieve if such a small boy could run so fast as he did. This is quite awesome of our kids! We are greatly convinced that each child is unique, they only need to be indentified and nurtured in their areas of uniqueness. Leah led her relays team (Leah, Mwanasha Mshenga, Mwanasha Barasa & Joseline Charo) in wining at the divisional level amid very stiff competition. They therefore represented Msambweni Division at the district level on 10th June, 2014 and became 2nd runners up. Joseline Charo too took part in high jump and became the 2nd at the district level.

Joseph leading in 200m relay Leah and Mshenga 200m relays Martin throwing a javelin Simon leading in walking race