School Day

The responsibility for ensuring that children attend school regularly and in time rests with parents. Children are therefore required to arrive at school between 07.30 and 08.00 o’clock.

The premises will only be supervised by the teaching staff from 0700 hrs to 1700hrs. Apart from the stipulated time, the school shall not be liable.

07.40   Assembly / Preps
08.05   Period 1
08.45   Period 2
09.25   Break
09.40   Period 3 
10.20   Period 4
11.00   Break
11:20   Period 5
11.55   Period 6
13.30   Preps
14.00   Period 7
14.35   Period 8 / Clubs
15.10   Homework


Besides the Physical Education lessons taken, we identify, recognise and nurture our childrens’ talents. We therefore ensure that children participate in all available activities and in any activity the child is talented and interested in.