School Fees

Please refer to the attachment below.

The school is now designed to accommodate 200 pupils, meaning that, because the orphanage has only around 40 students, some 160 students can be admitted from outside.

The objective is not to make profit; but rather accomplish a high standard, whereby the costs cannot be covered by moderate school fees. Therefore the school project depends on sponsors. Furthermore, we want to sponsor and admit even more children from poor families.

In the whole Msambweni district, as well as Kwale, our school is the sole school that also makes it possible for children from poorer families to receive a diverse school education.

School books are provided by us.

Furthermore, we have decided to serve all children a second breakfast as well as lunch. All children, even those from outside Nice View, get if available clothes, shoes and school bags from us. These were originally received from Germany.

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