Sponsor a child

"Provide children access to formal education"

Since a sponsorship originates from the heart, the subscription is freely selectable, there are no obligations and payment can be cancelled at any time. All contributions are consolidated and used to admit children from the village and its surroundings. Our head teacher and Mama Gudrun decide together, dependent on the financial situation, if further children can be admitted. The actual school fees per term and annum as well as further details you can find here (100Kshs~1Euro).

If you wish to support us, best is to place a standing order and to inform us via email (info@nice-view-school.org) that we can admit you as sponsor. You can chose if you want to place the standing order monthly, quarterly or yearly. (It is unfortunately not possible to pay by direct debit). The donation receipt you will receive annually in January.

Your aid reaches us under the key word „School Sponsorship“.

GERMANY - Bank Account:

•Donations account: 430 834 606
•Bank code number: 730 500 00 Sparkasse Neu-Ulm
•Account holder: Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.

For bank transfers from foreign countries:
•IBAN: DE13 7305 0000 0430 8346 06
•Swift (BIC) Code: BYLADEM1NU

KENYA - Bank Account:

ACCOUNT NO.:    6621210015 – 0324204008
Swift BIC:            CBAFKENX

In case of any questions please be welcome to get in touch with Marcel Dürr

Mobile phone: +49 (0) 172 - 8762666
Landline:         +49 (0) 7300 - 91 90 09
Email:              info@nice-view-school.org

For requests in English please contact Heike Dreher

Phone:  +31 (0) 35 6980298
email:    heike@kenia-hilfe.com

For further contact details please click here.