Students at Gratitude international school are glad to have swimming lesson. The pupils had a try at the swimming pool though some could not swim; they had help from swimming teachers. Mrs. Catherina and Ms Claudia who graduated from swimming school and they are happy to teach, “I am happy am going to know how to swim, before I could not able to swim,” said Rehema a student at gratitude academy. The door of swimming competition will soon open. Mrs. Catherina gave her view, “it’s an honor to teach in Kenya school I hope I am going to cooperate with the teaching.” We wish all the best for Nice View Gratitude Academy.

By Aisha (student Year 8)

A big thank-you goes to one of our sponsors who allows us to use his private pool free of charge. Msambweni is located directly at the Indian Ocean. However, most people cannot swim, not even the fishermen, and deadly accidents happen regularly. Therefore, we are glad that we have the opportunity to teach at least some of the children how to swim.